An old PC, a CRT monitor, and a plaster statue, which are symbolic elements in the Vaporwave, are dropped from the top of the vertical exhibition space.The accelerated objects hit the floor, and their fragments are scattered in the space. In the background, the trace of falling and accelerated spray paint is drawn. In the human-less space, as if haunted by the ghosts of a lost future, some household appliances are activated, lights flicker, and on the monitor, a slow-motion video of the wrecking object and Youtube videos randomly selected by searching for keywords related to Accelerationism keep playing. As the thinker Fredric Jameson said, "It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism," I illustrated a metaphorical space for the end of the accelerating present society i.e., capitalism.

Photo by Yosuke Ohtake

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