This installation is composed all kinds of differently sized objects, including a telephone, a traffic cone, a plaster figure, a car, and a plant. Cameras, microphones, monitors and microcomputers are embedded in everyday objects arranged in the exhibition space, and connected to the Internet. Visitors can experience the work by logging in to / "possess" each object via a web browser. Against the backdrop of the age of IoT, where all kinds of things are connected through networks, and artificial intelligence is about to mature, this work observes the new relationships that emerge when inorganic, non-autonomous objects transform into persons that act and perceive the world according to their own intentions.

Collaborate with So KANNO
Commissioned by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
Co-developed with YCAM Interlab
In collaboration with Yushin Suzuki and Takanobu Inafuku

Photo by Kazuomi Furuya

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