カーゴ・カルト|Cargo Cult


共同制作者:石毛 健太

This project is attempted to create a drawing machine without specific skills, not built with normal methodology for it like programming nor hardware hacking but to use daily products which has movement by just collage as default state. This is a practical critique not only to my attitude of creation so far, but for Media Art itself which tend to lose the essential perspective of expression by acquiring advanced technology. Consumer products or toys that repeats same actions, installed as drawing device which draws abstract paintings as imitation of past masterpiece looks like a believer who dedicate praying to cargo repeatedly as like Cargo Cult.

Collaboration with Kenta Ishige

Cargo Cult WS in LOCUS FABER ツクロッカ @Art Lab Aichi Ohtsubashi

Installation view “メ芸の大歓迎” @Tama Art University | Photo by Naoki Takehisa

Installation view “ESCAP from the SEA” @Natinal Visual Art Gallery

Installation view @AMIT2016 | Photo by Naoki Takehisa

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