新壱万円札試験印刷工場|Future Currency

システム・エンジニアリング:稲福 孝信(HAUS Inc.)


System Engineering: Takanobu INAFUKU (HAUS Inc.)

Combining an electric trolley winch used in factories and an agricultural sprayer, a drawing machine designed to operate autonomously under computer control will be used to draw a giant new 10,000 yen bill during the exhibition. The image of the huge new bill, which is expected to be abstract due to the physical contingency caused by imperfect control, is superimposed on the fate of money as a material, whose significance will become blurred with the spread of electronic payments and virtual currency.

提供:東京ビエンレーレ2020 プレイベント[2019]より Photo by IKENOYA YUKA(YUKAI)

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