共同制作者:菅野 創

This is a autonomous drawing bot. The bot draws abstract lines dynamically using the chaotic movement which is generated by double pendulum. The mechanism is very simple. Hacked RC skateboard which is installed double pendulum determines the direction of pendulum by the data from rotary encoder and amplify the movement by moving left and right. Thus draw the line in a blink of eye if the momentum goes over the threshold.
The aim of this work is imitation as an action of Graffiti by extracting the dynamism of process about drawing by removing the humans physicality and insistance. Trying to find out the basic essence of Graffiti and connect to new interpretation by suggesting several essence like as improvisation, vandalism and symbolic shapes.

Collaboration with So Kanno

@Utopia no Oshirase, Photo by Yohei Yamakami

@Roppongi Art Night 2015, Photo by Rakutaro Ogiwara

@MONS 2015 Ailleurs en Folie Tokyo

@BEAUTY & YOUTH (Omotesando, Tokyo)

Commission for Tokyo Electron

Collaboration with bodysong. @Shanghai Fashion Week (Shanghai, China)

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